Social and Digital Brand Development

Is your Twitter feed lifeless and lonely? Is your company blog two years out of date?  Would you like to bring your brand into the social and digital world and reap a variety of huge benefits? I offer a variety of ways to help you and your business succeed in a competitive and digitally focused world.

I will help you to build and develop an effective online presence, using social media and digital platforms to engage with your audience in a more direct and personable way. The key value of social media marketing is in the connection the consumer builds with a person or brand, and the loyalty that develops from this.

Whether you’d like some help in setting up and managing your own online presence or you’d like me to take on the task, I’m happy to help in either situation. Please get in contact by emailing

Consultation Sessions

I can offer an initial free of charge consultation session to develop an understanding of your hopes and aims for your brand or business using digital and social media.


Social and Digital Management

I can offer dedicated management of your social media and digital platforms. This involves producing and uploading regular and engaging content and working with you to identify how you want your brand to be presented. I can help you build an audience, engage a community and bring your brand identity into the digital world. I can help you boost your sales and crucially boost awareness of your brand. Please contact me for further information on this, and for a quote.


Blogging Workshops

Are you planning on starting a blog, or would you like to refresh and reboot your existing blog? I can help provide you with formatting ideas, promotional opportunities and increase your audience and blogging opportunities. Contact me for more information.


Press Release Writing/Developing Press Contacts

By putting together an informative press release and approaching industry contact, whether that be bloggers, vloggers or influential Twitter and Instagram users your business or group can ensure the correct information is being seen by the right people. By utilising my press and blogging contacts I can build your company and help you move toward a more innovative future.